Building Your Nest Egg

Fundraising can seem like an impossible task for many National Wildlife Refuge Support (“Friends”) Group members. Most groups are made up of volunteers who care deeply about their refuges, but who feel overwhelmed by the idea of raising the funds they need to make their organizations succeed in the long run. Despite this common concern and living on shoestring budgets, Friends groups around the country report extraordinary successes. Yet, we all want to do more and that takes money.

The purpose of this book is to provide a framework that will help your group become successful fundraisers. Raising funds is really all about making friends. It is your friends who will become your most ardent supporters—and they will show their support through their financial contributions. If you position your group to make and keep lots of friends, you will find ourself succeeding at raising funds.

This book is not intended to be a detailed “how to” guide on fundraising—there are some excellent books and videos listed in the resource section. Instead, the stories and concepts presented in this book are meant to help you assess your group’s approach to “friendmaking” and organizational management, both of which are key to raising funds.

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